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Bimax Kitchen Hood

Range hoods keep your cooking area safe by extracting rising stovees, grease and hot air. You can find a kitchen hood in several materials, styles and colors, making their addition to your home seamless
Our range hoods are :Under the Cabinet Hood, Wall-Mounted, Island Range Hood, Insert or Hidden Hood
Our Kitchen Hoods Equipped With : Powerfull Motor And Super Silent, Suction Power About 600~700 m3/h, Tempered Glass, Touch Screen Panel, Timer and SMD Lamps
Kitchen Hood Bimax
  • Super Silent
  • Powerful Motors
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • SMD Lamp
  • 25 Months Gaurantee
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2046U
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2056U
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2050U
Kitchen Hood Bimax
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2055U
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2044U
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2041U Flight
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2032U Plus
Kitchen Hood Bimax
Kitchen Hood Bimax
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2020U LCD
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2062U Hidden Hood
Kitchen Hood Bimax E-mail: info@bimax.ir
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2030U Hidden Hood
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2052U Hidden Hood
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2028U
Kitchen Hood Bimax B2012U
Kitchen Hood Bimax B4002U Under Cabinet Hood
Kitchen Hood Bimax B116U Island Hood

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Range Hoods Keep Your Kitchen Fresh & Safe

Keep your kitchen smoke free with one of our eye-catching range hoods. You’ll find a kind of hood in a finish and style that fits your décor and your budget. Get a super fancy kitchen hood that defines your space architecturally, or go minimal for function with an under cabinet range hood. Sort through your range hood options till you land on what feels right.

The right kitchen ventilation can not only clear smoke, it can minimize odors of food in preparation. Fishy, gamey smells can be conquered with the right kitchen exhaust fan. They suck up steam, smoke, fumes and airborne particles. You need a fan in the kitchen, and you have choices.

If you’re cooking generates a lot of smoke or dirty air that needs be sent outside, consider a rand hood ducted system like commercial kitchens have. If you don’t need all that, a ductless range hood can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. It filters then recirculates air, so you’re not confined to installing near your kitchen ducts.

Over the island range hoods have a wow factor you can’t deny. They also make effective vent hoods. Wall mounted range hoods are installed flush to your wall. They are also known as “chimney-style” because of their shape.

The right material can really help define your kitchen’s look. Try a copper range hood. It’s a natural match for any kitchen because it resists rust and bacteria. Plus, it has a unique look when the metal starts to develop a patina.

Before you buy any a range hood or hood vent, make sure you have the right amount of space allotted for it. Your kitchen vent needs to fit into a specific amount of space in the kitchen. Measure first, buy second.

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